Enjoying a COVID-19-ready campus together in 2021

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R3 LogoShip is proud to launch the Raider Rapid Results (R3) testing program for a richer on-campus experience for participating students.

R3 participants enjoy greater engagement opportunities with clubs and activities, intramurals, sports, and experiential learning. All COVID-19 testing, including the R3 testing, is free to students.

Shippensburg University COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

Student Activity from the Prior Week (Mon.-Sun.)
(updated weekly on Mon.)

Ship Total Tests

New Positive Tests


Ship Positivity Rate

Student Isolation & Quarantine: Recent Activity and Cumulative Totals Since Jan. 1, 2021

Currently in Isolation

Currently in Quarantine

Recently Completed Isolation

Recently Completed Quarantine

Total Isolation

Total Quarantine

Cases & Testing: Cumulative Totals Since Jan. 1, 2021

Positive Cases

Tests Conducted

Commuter Student Positive Cases

Commuter Student Tests Conducted

Residential Student Positive Cases

Residential Student Tests Conducted

Employee Positive Cases

Employee Tests Conducted

  •  This dashboard presents data according to the date tests are administered. Counts for most recent dates may be incomplete. Counts will be updated as results are reported.
  • Data regarding isolation and quarantine is subject to change based upon ongoing case investigations.
  • This dashboard is for informational purposes only in service to our community. It should not be considered as public health guidance. Given the complexity and evolution of the case reporting landscape, the data points and footnotes are subject to continuous review and revision, as necessary.

A COVID-19-ready campus, prepared for Students and Success

With guidance from public health officials, trusted leaders in the scientific community, and input from our campus community, Shippensburg University provides learning opportunities to meet the needs of the community while delivering high-quality education and academic support.


Creating a community that is COVID-19-aware to mitigate risk

  • Revised policies and procedures support student, faculty and staff well-being.
  • Campus-wide prevention and mitigation capabilities.
  • Case investigation program incorporates smart phone technology and comprehensive personal interview.
  • Strategies and designated spaces for quarantining and isolation.
  • State of the art sanitizing measures throughout campus, including nanoseptic surfaces in select areas.
  • Robust social distancing and density protocols on campus and in classrooms.
  • Increase awareness of the public health risks of COVID-19 through comprehensive communications of public health guidelines and recommendations.
  • Maintain flexibility as our community adapts to the physical and social constraints necessary to mitigate risks posed by COVID-19.
  • A cohort of leaders will remind all on campus of the policies and protocols and reinforce their universal adoption.

Implementing flexible academic instruction

  • Feb. 4: Semester begins with online coursework
  • Feb. 18-20: Residence Hall move-in
  • Feb. 22: Face-to-face and hybrid course delivery begins
  • Mar. 25: Raider Rest Day (replaces spring break)
  • Apr. 23: Raider Rest Day (replaces spring break)
  • May 14: Last Day of Classes
  • May 15: Commencement
  • May 17-21: Final Exams Online

Hybrid courses allow for an in-person academic experience, synchronous and asynchronous remote options, and ensures an easy transition to a remote mode of operation if necessary. 

Commencement ceremonies will be announced.



Embracing a wholistic approach to resources and student success

  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to members of the campus community.
  • Require the use of face masks for all persons in all public spaces.
  • Additional sanitizing stations and signage regarding physical distancing throughout campus. 
  • On-campus free COVID-19 testing. 
  • Temperature-checking locations throughout campus.
  • COVID-19-compliant access to resources such as campus activities, services, events and support on campus, including enhanced opportunities for students participating in the Raider Rapid Response testing protocol program.
  • Prioritize resources for enrichment of technology-enabled instruction to support each course.
  • Updated student code of conduct and related policies to include compliance with COVID- 19 public health requirements.
  • Classroom spaces that meets The American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards and guidelines.
  • Create Virtual Lounges where students may participate in remote classes while on campus.

Shippensburg University is deeply committed to the well-being and success of our campus family, Shippensburg community, South Central Pennsylvania and the Commonwealth. Some operational details may change based on continuing developments and revised guidelines and recommendations from the federal government, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), and Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education (State System/PASSHE).